I came across this article posted by the Deepak Chopra Foundation on LinkedIn.

Excellent info on how taking little steps makes a huge difference in turning your dreams into reality. In my opinion, the most important thing is to start, then to work on it every day and before you know it, the project is done. Yes, it’s important to start and working on it till it’s done and not getting side tracked, no matter what happen. Too many people give excuses on why they can’t do this or that, but when you look around, there are plenty of others who have overcome incredible circumstances, such as war, poverty, etc, or physical handicaps and have succeeded. Make up your mind today that you are going to start on whatever your heart is calling you to do and promise yourself that you work on it until it is done. It might take you longer than you expected and that is ok, but just make sure you stay on it until it’s completed.

Here is an excerpt from this powerful article:

Think of it like writing a book. If you write a page every day, your manuscript will be done next year. A page doesn’t sound like much, but the catch is that it must fit into the final product. Ernest Hemingway set himself a daily goal of half a page only. If you can do anything today that consciously goes toward fulfilling a long-range vision, plan, project, or mission, you will become the Hemingway of your own life.
Here are some suggestions:
  1. Set down a single vision, project, or mission.
  2. Set time aside to work on it every day.
  3. Work consists of doing research, making connections, investigating your target audience or market, learning from projects similar to yours, challenging your assumptions, writing a proposal, seeking a mentor, partner, or confidant to bounce your ideas off, and raising capital if needed.
  4. Set interim deadlines that you can reasonably meet every month.
  5. Be adaptable about changing your project as it unfolds.
Each of these steps should be interesting and, one hopes, exciting to you.
>>> Consciousness expands whenever a person feels creative, passionate, and joyful.
If you don’t have these qualities, you won’t wake up every morning eager to fulfill your long-range goal. The value of following the five steps I’ve suggested is that you become action oriented; your goal doesn’t drift or become an empty dream.


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