Last Tuesday I attended the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) event for business owners. Among the presenters were representative from Facebook and Yelp. They gave great information and tips on how to effectively use their social media. The interesting part was, it is so under utilized by small business owners all the major social media platforms are free! Yes, small business owners are often times just too tied up in their day-to-day activities to keep their business running smooth that they often don’t give much time to their web presence. It’s truly a big mistake because any serious business must have an online presence regardless whether or not they sell online. The reason behind this statement is that most consumers use the internet, or to be precise Google, to find services and products they want to buy. Because of that, it’s crucial for every business to have at least a website and the 4 major social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter.

As we said in the beginning, all of those are free. If you do not how to set up an account with them, there are companies, such as mine to help you with that. It’s absolutely worth this small investment. In addition, it’s mind blowing how little small business owners use videos as part of their marketing tools. The fact that YouTube is free and you could potentially make a video with your smart phone, there is truly no excuse for business owners not to put up some videos about their business. Video marketing is so powerful as there are easy to rank in Google and consumers just love watching videos. In a study conducted by Nielson, which is a consumer behavior research company, it showed that 92% of consumers watched a video last week.

So get your iphone out and make some videos! In the event you are hosting an event such as open house or anniversary celebration, make sure that you have your video camera or your smart phone on hand and ask your attendees to give a short video review. Capture the moment of excitement and happiness of your customers and put it for the world to see. It’s fun and a great marketing strategy.