Is Your Local Business in San Jose In The 3 Pack?


Google is by far the largest and most used search engine in the US.

People go on Google to find information, as well as look for products and services.

In fact, it’s so popular that a verb was created: google something, meaning to search for…

Yes, many of us use Google to find services, such as plumber, SEO San Jose, carpet cleaning, doctors, etc.

Early August of 2015, Google changed the way Local Search Results are displayed. Now only 3 local businesses are shown (A thru C) and phone numbers and addresses have been removed. If people want to get more information about the company, they will now have to click through to the web site or Google Map Listing.

What impact does that have on your business? Well, with this change, it means you need to work harder to get to the top 3 Local Search Results if you like to see your company in the Local 3 pack. Also, your website becomes more important as searchers will click and look at your website to find the contact information. Make sure you have relevant and value added SEO information and videos to entice the reader to pick up the phone or email you.

In the past, Google displayed 7 businesses with phone numbers and addresses.

Imagine the following scenario:

Lisa Jones, a young, attractive lady is in her early thirties and lives in San Jose, California.

Despite being quite attractive, she doesn’t like her nose.

She’s looking for a “nose job”. The medical term is called rhinoplasty and googles that.

Googles displays results in 3 ways:

  1. Paid ads
  2. Organic results for that keyword – websites
  3. Organic results for that keyword- by location/map

In fact, if you use a table or your smart phone and let’s say google the word “rhinoplasty in San Jose, ca”, it automatically displays only the results for that keyword by location/map. In fact, it shows 3 results, starting from A thru C, see screen shot below.

Those 3 businesses get the most inquiries in San Jose because people are just too busy scrolling down page after page. It’s just NOT going to happen. It’s those businesses that are on the first page that get calls and get the most sales from organic searches through SEO in google.

Because of that, it’s vitally important that your business is part of the 3 Pack. If you are not yet and want to be, contact us.

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