is growing like a startup (at nearly 20% per year)… yet just did $88B last year in revenue!

This year, Amazon is almost guaranteed to do $100B+.

How’d you like your own piece of that?

Not long ago, if you wanted to build a physical products business you’d have to:

  • build a warehouse,
  • hire warehousing staff,
  • pack and ship orders,
  • and manage inventory yourself.

Not anymore.

Because of massive changes in technology and available resources, you can now build an entire physical products EMPIRE with just a laptop and an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Already selling a high quality product locally?

Want to tap into the massive customer base of amazon?

I can help.

I have the hands-on experience to help you get your product to amazon and have it ranked.

My own products are ranking on page 1.

That is very important.

As a customer, most people won’t scroll further than page 1 and 2.

Because of that, it’s vitally important to your success that you are within the first two pages, preferably on page 1.

The sales volume is significantly bigger for products on page 1 as you probably already know.

Don’t hesitate any further, contact me and see what you and I can built together.

I only work with ONE client per niche, thus we are currently CLOSED for:

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Leather Care
  • Car Trunk Accessories