According to a study done by Bloomberg Business, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. That is, a whopping 80% crash and burn and many more who stay in business fighting for the bottom scraps. Very often this is a slow killer of businesses. Barely hanging on, entrepreneurs with some customers and some revenue skimp along for months or even years. Worried, frustrated and discouraged they wonder if this is all there really is.

Naturally, the next question would be “WHY”?  Well, at surface level the main reason businesses fail is they simply run out of cash. But the truth is, the cracks in the foundation start well before a company goes out of business.

The REAL reason for business failure is the lack of VISIBILITY.

If customers don’t know about your products or services, you can have the best services and products in the world but they won’t buy it. Your services and products must be in the consumers mind. In addition, it’s crucial that people can find you online!

We solve this pain point with targeted small business marketing solutions.

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Hello, I’m Laura Luong.

Running a business is hard work! I’m here to help rank your business (through SEO) on the first page of Google so you can generate more traffic and revenue. I show business owners how to increase their profits and gain market share by utilizing powerful online tools such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click and Re-marketing to name the top few. Combined with our tested and proven methods and strategies, you get the biggest bang for your bucks, period.

San Jose is the largest city in Santa Clara County, and the 3rd largest city by population in California. There are plenty of people who are looking for services and products to purchase and we help your business to be found on Google.

I am an active member of the San Jose Chamber of Commerce. Other fellow members seek our advice when it comes to their online needs. We are the best San Jose SEO Agency you will find. We’ve always prided ourselves on being more than just a search engine optimization firm. We are a search engine consulting firm, we provide unsurpassed SEO consulting and Google local ranking. The results speak for themselves.

Let us give you the same blueprint that we’ve used for our own businesses and the companies we have helped and achieve online success and revenue. We are one of the top SEO Firm in San Jose. In order to get found on Google by future customers, call the best search engine optimization firm in San Jose.

Start by filling out our discovery application and get a free consultation that is approximately 30 to 60 minutes. During this phone call, we will be able to map out your future revenue and secure your website positioning online for years to come. We are one of only a few companies that will guarantee a page-one result on Google, or your money back. What do you have to lose?


We don’t just talk about it, we actually use the same SEO blueprint for our own businesses. Our rank building methods are forward looking and provide the foundation for a long-term success for your website. We do only legitimate search engine optimization stuff so that your website will not be penalized by Google. Keep in mind, a highly ranked and well visited website is an asset for you, which you could monetize if you choose to.

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Practical tips that I implemented for my bakery. Next step is beef up our local citation…can’t wait to see the results!
Keith Truong
Thanks for helping us with the online presence. Saved me tons of hours to do it on my own!
Dr. Haas

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